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1.About us

Dazzbox was founded in 2009, and it has been rapaidly developed into one of the most popular jewelry sales platform of Asia now. We provide professional jewelry processing, jewelry customization, jewelry wholesale, etc.

Through six years of development, Dazzbox has created a revolutionary pattern of shopping---Dazz Plan. All the consumption in Dazzbox will be returned 100% for our customers in the form of installment.

Dazzbox is both a jewelry sale platform and it is also a famous jewelry brand now. So your choice of Dazzbox means you choose a high cost performance. We are committed to provide customers with jewelry more than their expectation. Dazzbox makes all the originally expensive jewelry into public goods which can be affored by everyone.

2.Enterprise Vision 

Leading a new mode of investment shopping. Make every customer who longs for shining buy a good cost performance jewelry.

3.The Development of Enterprise

Founded in 2009 came online in 2010

Dazz plan came into being in 2011

Dazzbox had owned more than ten thousand registered members in 2012

Dazzbox had owned more than hundred thousand registered members in 2013

Dazzbox had returned part of the profit to the customers more than 100 million in 2014

Dazzbox is growing up with a high-speed in 2015

4.Enterprise History

The predecessor of Dazzbox is a company with 10 years jewelry processing history.

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