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  • What is Dazzplan?

    Dazzplan is a full cashback promotion launched by Dazzbox. Consumers who purchase goods on our website are eligible to participate.
    Here’s how it works:
    If you buy $120 worth of goods on our website then we will give you $1 every month over the next 120 months, reimbursing you for the full $120. This way you can buy beloved products, but also recover the full amount through the Dazzplan full cashback promotion.
  • Dazzplan Cashback Process?

    Sign up and become our member Shop, submit your order and finish payment. Once you receive the order, click the “cash back” button and apply to join Dazzplan full cashback.You will begin to receive Dazzplan full cashback payments from the first month following your purchase, and every month after, until your full refund is paid.Each month you can view your Dazzplan cashback payments in your Dazzbox account, where you can withdraw the money, or use it to shop for other products on Dazzplan.
  • Why the cashback model?

    Cashback is a new and innovative shopping model. With it customers can think of traditional shopping as a new kind of investment.
  • How can Dazzbox give 100% cash back?

    Cashback is a safe and effective shopping model that is becoming more and more trendy. Other companies offer 10%-90% cash back, but we offer 100% cashback in order to give customers an even better shopping experience. Dazzbox can accomplish this because of our substantial financial strength, the prospect of unlimited investment projects and a very experienced investment accounting team. We developed a sophisticated investment plan that enables the consumer to realize the full cash back, but also for us to achieve our own profitability.

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  • How do you make profit after a full-cashback?

    As a seller, the difference between other online shops and Dazzbox is that we subsidize the cost of advertising and marketing into the cashback program. The unique full-cashback model gives our customers an amazing deal, while helping us achieve great word of mouth marketing and strong brand awareness.
  • Will cashback lower the quality of the product?

    We strive for a high level of quality in our products. We are the top online jewellery shop in the Chinese jewellery industry, so we can promise the most trendy collections at an affordable price. The most important aspect of our business is that we have our own professional jewellery appraisers that secure the quality and authenticity of all jewellery on our website.
  • Is this some kind of trick?

    We produce our own jewellery and sell direct to the consumer. Our mission is to produce great products that customers want. We provide the most trendy and high-quality jewellery available. We have 100% confidence in the quality of our goods.
  • Is it safe to make an online payment through Dazzbox?

    Paypal is used the payment method, which provides unparalleled security in your online payments. If you are not satisfied or have any problems with your order, please contact our customer service and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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