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Dazzbox Jewelry accept all major cards and bank transfers for all purchases. You can also make a payment through your secured Paypal account.
International shipments may be subject to customs/imports and VAT/GST fees which are the buyer’s responsibility. FedEx may send an invoice before or after the delivery of the package.
If the product you buy more than $199 , we'll offer you a free shipping; if the product you buy less than $199 , then we will charge some freight. And different country have different charge standard. If you have any questions about the freight to your country, please e-mail us at We will deal with you questions as soon as possible within one or two days.
Yes. On the day of shipment we'll email you shipping confirmation that includes order-tracking information. You'll be kept informed of the transportation process at every step. If you have any other questions about shipping, please email us at
For U.S. orders, we currently collect sales tax for orders shipped to Washington State and New York. We do collect duties and taxes when shipping to Canada and within the European Union (EU). For all other destinations overseas, our consultant will contact you if you owe additional taxes and duties.
Exceptional customer service is guaranteed when you shop on If you have any question regarding our products please contact us via email ( using our contact form or speak with one of our skilled customer representatives by requesting a call back at your desired time. The call back request form is located at our contact page.

Merchandise Return:

Ring, Diamond and Jewelry:

Yes. In staying true to our high standards of customer satisfaction, we offer a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects in craftsmanship. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft.
When it comes to caring for your metal, it's important to remember that every metal is different. While little maintenance is needed for durable metals such as tungsten, other metals require some attention. For instance, platinum is a strong metal but is susceptible to scratches. Gold is another metal that needs gentle care. Soap filmeasily builds on the surface of gold, so it's best to remove your gold jewelry before showering or using household cleaners or chemicals.
We're constantly sourcing diamonds to offer the finest quality at the most competitive prices. In the industry, prices are based on suppliers' buying power and market conditions at the time of sourcing. We price our diamonds based on our cost, not the current market or solely by its quality and size. And regardless of how competitively a diamond is priced at Dazzbox, we always pass the savings onto you.
  Helpful hint: Select customers tend to quickly identify the best values of a seemingly identical diamond. So if you are interested in a diamond that appears to be of a higher value, call one of our diamond experts to review its characteristics. If the diamonds are virtually the same - yet one's value stands out from the other - they tend to sell fast. If you request additional time to decide, our diamond experts will grant you a (no-obligation) 24 or 48-hour hold on the diamond in question.
Yes. Many of our ring settings are available for purchase, except those with integrated heads that secure the diamond such as Halo settings, Bezel rings, Three-stone rings and so on. Please note: We do not size blank settings, and they can only be accepted for return within 30 days (in unaltered and in original condition). For additional information on which settings are available, contact a Dazzbox representative at

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