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In order to make you a simple and convenient shopping experience at Dazzbox, we have cooperated with Fedex & DHL for many years. Our website provide shipping to more than 50 different countries around the world and we support about 23 different payment ways. The final shipping price of your buying may be based on the conditions below:

If the product you buy more than $199 , we'll offer you a free shipping; if the product you buy less than $99 , then we will charge some freight. And different country have different charge standard, please check the freight below by yourself. If you can not find any freight information about your country, please e-mail us at We will deal with you questions as soon as possible within one or two days.

Country Express delivery time Free Express shipping for order over $99
Australia 3-15 Days AUD 31.6
Austria 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Belgium 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Canada 3-15 Days CAD 35.2
Czech Republic 3-15 Days USD 19.00
Denmark 3-15 Days USD 19.00
Finland 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
France 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Germany 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Greece 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Hungary 3-15 Days USD 19.00
Ireland 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Italy 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Japan 3-15 Days USD 23.00
Luxembourg 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Netherlands 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Poland 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Portugal 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Slovenia 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Spain 3-15 Days EUR 18.00
Sweden 3-15 Days USD 19.00
Switzerland(incl. Liechtenstein) 3-15 Days USD 19.00
United Kingdom 3-15 Days GBP 12.3
United States 3-15 Days USD 19.00

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